So many fascinating things in this world. So little time. My choice is to randomize, try my hand at a number of things and hope it all adds up at the end. Not quite the "master of none," as I am quite good at my day-to-day job as a CTO of an amazing technology company called Supplyframe, but clearly a "jack of many." Probably not the smartest way to walk through life, but it sure is plenty of fun. This website is just a collection of random projects in design, computational art, video, motion graphics, sound design, writing, and most importantly - code and analytics. My primary interests lie in exploring the means of visualizing and ways of interacting with the (large volumes of) data, as well as the role of sound and video art in such experiences. I'm fascinated by different forms of media and all sorts of problems that arise from the way they direct human attention. I'm obsessed with the vast body of human knowledge and troubled by our inability to digest it all. Most importantly - I am haunted by the beauty that stems from the abstract process of computation and am always looking for ways to share it with others.

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